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What do we mean by qualitiy craftsmanship? 

Wood storage:
Since time immemorial, a special characteristic of wood has been a headache for its workers: swelling and shrinking (also known as "working" wood).
This refers to the wood's ability to absorb moisture (swelling) and release moisture (shrinkage).
By storing the cut wood for many years, the work of the wood is reduced.
This is why we store our wood ourselves in order to take control of the quality at this early stage.
Over centuries people have developed and refined constructions that take into account the "working" of the wood and do not impair the function of the furniture.
For example, the grain of the wood (cross or long wood), the position of the annual rings and the type of wood have to be taken into account when designing furniture.
Due to the frame construction, large board surfaces, for example, can be made torsion-resistant and shape-retaining with little material input.
In addition, the frame construction supports the proportions of the furniture.
We orient ourselves on the old and mature constructions.

Long and cross wood can be connected at the corners with e.g. dowels or with continuous pins and slots.
The second is more complex and more durable.
That's why we do it this way.

If the filling shrinks in a frame, bright areas may appear at the edges where no surface (i.e. stain and/or oil etc.) has been applied.
This can be remedied by providing the filling with a complete surface before installation in the frame. This is more elaborate, but very important for the appearance of the furniture after several years.
We proceed just as carefully with our furniture.

Large furniture often causes problems when moving.
Solid wood furniture is often firmly glued for stability and must be transported in one piece.
Dismountable furniture provides a remedy. This additional effort prevents damage to stairwells, the furniture itself and one's own nerves when moving. We build (from a size that is no longer easy to handle) all furniture that can be dismantled, not with metal fittings, but with wooden
wedges (as with earlier mature solutions).
Why do we build our furniture from solid wood?
Solid wood furniture, built in a good tradition of craftsmanship, has a high utility value due to its durability.
They are beautiful to touch (no heat gradient between hand and e.g. metal or glass).
They are beautiful to look at and with their natural grain they spread warmth, liveliness and an individual atmosphere.
With increasing age they become more and more beautiful.
Damage to solid wood furniture can be repaired.
Solid wood furniture is completely environmentally friendly and sustainable.