Dinge für's Leben
Massivholzmöbel nach Kundenwunsch

Fly cupboard, Drying cupboard, Storage cupboard ....


 Not all foods need to be put in the refrigerator and the
 Pantry is sometimes too warm and not airy enough.

 The fly cabinet offers a safe and airy
 Storage possibility for food of all kinds, since its
 walls are covered with galvanized fly wire and thus the air
 through the closet.

 The location is best in the shady and cool north of the city.
 side of the house.

 In the summer herbs and fruits can be dried as well as
 Cheese, ham, salami, fresh bread and airy cake and
 be stored protected from flies. By the way taste
 these foods at room temperature also better, than from
 the refrigerator.

 At the beginning of winter, when it is slaughter time, the
 pieces of meat for a few days to mature without having to
 blowflies soiled and eaten by cats and martens
 to become.